[White Paper] National Strategy to Secure 5G in the United States

While 5G promises to provide consumers and businesses with low-latency, high-speed network connections, this fifth generation of wireless technology will also open the doors for new risks and vulnerabilities. “The vulnerabilities that will come with 5G deployment are broad and range from insider threats to cyber espionage and attacks from sophisticated nation-states” says US Cybersecurity Director Chris Krebs. The National Strategy to Secure 5G seeks to secure this new standard of network connectivity with four lines of effort:

  • Facilitating the rollout of 5G domestically
  • Assessing the cybersecurity risks to and identifying core security principles of 5G capabilities and infrastructure
  • Addressing risks to US economic and national security during development and deployment of 5G
  • Promoting responsible global development and deployment of secure and reliable 5G

This will be done by The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) partnering with many companies and industries such as federal departments and agencies, non-governmental organizations, international allies, and more. The CISA 5G strategy aligns to the National Strategy to Secure 5G and establishes five initiatives that address critical risks to secure 5G deployment. The Indiana 5G Zone will work alongside these four lines of effort by facilitating the rollout of 5G domestically in Indiana. This lab environment will allow manufacturers and developers to test their products and ideas all while incorporating the necessary security standards.

These initiatives will work to support 5G policy and standards development by emphasizing security and resilience, expand situational awareness of 5G supply chain risks and promote security measures, partner with stakeholders to strengthen and secure existing infrastructure to support future 5G deployments, encourage innovation in the 5G marketplace to foster trusted 5G vendors, and analyze potential 5G use cases and share information on risk management strategies.

Given the potential for various applications and reliance of the network for future infrastructure, the stakes for safeguarding the network against these vulnerabilities could not be higher. The National Strategy to Secure 5G and the CISA are working hand in hand to ensure that this next generation of wireless technology will be used to its full potential and be secure from critical vulnerabilities, working to ensure a safer, more secure, and resilient tomorrow.

Telecommunication Tower

Indiana’s 5G Zone will provide an environment to drive the testing and development of 5G enabled technologies and allow businesses and innovators to test their products and ensure strong security implementations.



To learn more about the Indy 5G Zone // info@indiana5gzone.com  |  www.wherespeedmatters.com

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