As a state-based public-private partnership (PPP),
the Indiana 5G Zone is in a unique position to forge
relationships among stakeholders in
government, business, and academia.

The Indiana 5G Zone jumpstarts collaboration between key players in all of those sectors to develop and commercialize 5G-enabled innovations. In addition, lawmakers and government officials in the U.S. national security and defense sectors have sought our Subject Matter Experts to shape their decisions on policies around 5G.

Our primary focus is the digital transformation of physical industries. Below are the current areas we are supporting in innovation.

Project Areas


Located in one of the top industrial states, the Indiana 5G Zone is a natural fit for advancing manufacturing into the 5G era. 5G will streamline processes and increase profitability through AI, machine learning, and higher-connectivity robotics. By facilitating experimentation, research, and collaboration around 5G deployment, our goal is to make critical manufacturing infrastructure safer and more dependable.


Farms run on massive machinery. When a problem arises with a combine or a processing facility, there are both physical and financial consequences. The Indiana 5G Zone is developing a 5G-enabled critical infrastructure gateway to bring agriculture into a new era of connectivity with increased reliability and durability of systems, so that when one element fails, it doesn’t take down a whole operation.


Smart cities go hand in hand with 5G. The IoT devices that enable smart-city infrastructure need continuous connectivity with minimal latency. With its greater speed and reliability, 5G will improve the performance of responsive traffic lights, smart garbage cans, and apps that digitally connect citizens to city services. For data management and processing, 5G-enabled technologies will be an essential link between current data and new systems and sensors.

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