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Located in one of the top industrial states, the Indiana 5G Zone is a natural fit for advancing manufacturing into the 5G era. 5G will streamline processes and increase profitability through AI, machine learning, and higher-connectivity robotics.

By facilitating experimentation, research, and collaboration around 5G deployment, our goal is to make critical manufacturing infrastructure safer and more dependable.


When you join the Indiana 5G Zone, you join a community of like-minded individuals and innovative organizations diverse in industry. The lab is utilized by private companies, nonprofits, government and academia. These organizations’ interests for 5G are diverse – logistics, agriculture, national security, and manufacturing to name a few. Come be part of this community to connect, learn and grow.


Every week the 5G Zone offers member exclusive events. These events include weekly roundtables to collaborate and connect with other individuals in the industry, quarterly events highlighting a member and showcasing demos, and more. 

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Membership comes with access to opportunities to help you thrive. You’ll be the first to test new technologies, review white papers of practical 5G “firsts” happening in the lab, and join a global network of 5G innovators like you. 

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