How can 5G benefit my company?

De-risk your investments and secure your fifth generation mobile network.

5G Application

A new global standard for wireless communication. 5G is a critical building block for safer transportation, more personalized retail, improved health care outcomes, and other innovations in business and services.

5G brings together devices, companies, and entire industries via transformative digital applications.

Its benefits for Innovators include:
– Low latency
– Massive device connectivity
– Advanced architectures enabling edge computing

The widespread adoption of 5G will jumpstart a fourth industrial revolution by connecting existing technology to super-high-speed smart connectivity, with the potential to create millions of jobs.

Secure 5G

The Indiana 5G Zone is the first to demonstrate Quantum-safe Encryption as a Service (QEaaS), which protects and tracks Internet of Things (IoT) data as it moves across 5G infrastructure. Quantum-safe encryption ensures that data can be kept safe from existing data exfiltration as well as future quantum computing attacks.

The quantum-safe XQ Message (XQ) platform has been successfully deployed at the Indiana 5G Zone’s Advanced Innovation & Test Lab. XQ provides a future-proof data protection solution for IoT systems by eliminating the need to write code; agents in 5G gateways and mobile edge computing (MEC) nodes automatically update the algorithms.

XQ encryption has been integrated within all the following 5G service categories:
– Smart Manufacturing Lab
– Resilient Energy
– Smart Resource Extraction
– Smart Logistics
– Trusted Electronics Lab
– Secure Contract Transmission
– Secure intake of personal identifiable information (PII)

The Indiana 5G Zone will offer Quantum-safe Encryption as a Service (QEaaS) to academic and commercial 5G networks across the country.

IoT & 5G

The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses any and all devices that are able to “talk” to one another via the Internet or private communications networks. 5G will exponentially increase reliance on IoT devices due to its faster speeds, greater reliability, and ability to simultaneously sustain more devices online.

The use of IoT technology increases security risks. Every access point is vulnerable. If a smart city is hacked, the risks include power blackouts, privacy leaks, and intellectual property theft.

The Indiana 5G Zone’s extension of Quantum-safe Encryption as a Service (QEaaS) to 5G networks and smart cities will allow potential targets in the public and private sectors to locate their data, keep their data safe and control access remotely.


The IN5GZ is a practical 5G lab, offering services and solutions that help businesses innovate and grow. Membership to the Lab allows you to take advantage of the many services we offer.

5G P3 Testbed

These fully functional cellular technology facilities help to bring solutions out of R&D for testing as an early real-world deployment, and can be used to grow market opportunities by showcasing new applications.

Testbed includes:

  • Prototyping & Experimentation
  • Test & Evaluation
  • Technical/Technology Assessment

Project Development 

The IN5GZ will assist from start to finish with 5G projects, whether that include research for academia or creating a product to bring to market in the future. 

This includes:

  • Teaming with government, industry and/or academia to advance project
  • Finding and securing funding opportunities
  • Commercialization
  • Technology Scouting

R&D Highlights

The lab’s state of the art technology allows unlimited R&D opportunities for research and commercialization.

  • 5G Non-Standalone Commercial Testbed
  • mmWave
  • RAN
  • MEC
  • Endpoint Devices / IoT
  • Cloud

Technical Assistance

Membership includes access to our in-house experts who can answer questions and provide support in the lab. Lab Capabilities include:

  • End-to-end 5G application development
  • Multi-access edge computing integration
  • IoT integration with 5G embedded modules

Project Highlights

In the short time since the lab’s opening in 2020, newsworthy technological advancements that are the first of their kind have already been demonstrated. Below are some recent and current projects from members and partners happening in the lab.

XQ Message

Projects stemming from our partnership with XQ Message, a quantum-safe encryption platform, include cutting edge demos. The IN5GZ and XQ are the first to ever demonstrate packet-based Quantum-resistant Encryption as a Service (QEaaS) over Commercial 5G and a 2-way encrypted video over 5G IoT to a MEC. Additionally, XQ developed an IoT video and thermal image capture over 5G with cloud management as the killer SMart Cities app providing privacy and security to municipalities and their residents. The project also incorporates Mobil Trackr, a temperature monitoring kiosk that is housed in the Lab. Launching soon, a SMART Intersection project will further explore computer vision and Machine learning at the edge, creating a Plug & Play Smart Traffic solution that could be deployed with no to minimal disruption to traffic.  Moreover as the solution could be easily expanded/redeployed the range of scenarios will improve the business case for such systems.

Performance Defense

Another notable partnership is with Performance Defense, an Arizona-based software and systems engineering firm that is developing a Mission Critical 5G IoT Gateway with embedded cyber security. This device will serve as the connection point between controllers, sensors, and intelligent devices to the cloud. Its ability to access the 5G network allows the benefits of 5G while providing multi-layer security. The Gateway leverages XQ Message technology, adding encryption to provide maximum security. Performance Defense is currently building a prototype that will be ready to test in April 2021.

Advances Renewable Power (ARP)

Advanced Renewable Power (ARP) is currently developing a mobile power grid (MPG). The power generation system may use traditional fossil fuel powered generators or renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or hydro (or any combination) to charge the energy storage system. This technology can be deployed to remote or underdeveloped areas to provide critical power where it’s needed. The MPG will also be capable of network connectivity to relay its data via the Performance Defense IoT gateway over 5G. This will allow for real-time remote monitoring and management when deployed to inaccessible locations.

DynamoEdge / Andretti Edge

DynamoEdge is creating an AI software that is capable of high-speed data ingestion and predictive analytics. This software will be able to retrieve data from an Indy Car via a 5G connection, where it will be interpreted and processed on the MEC, and then transmitted back to the team. This can be used to optimize driving patterns and pit stops to increase overall efficiency real-time.